Christian man praying with hands crossed and Holy Bible by his side on wooden desk in church top view

Pray On!

Hello brothers and sisters! This is Pastor Greg and I just wanted to share with you a little thing that I feel the Holy Spirit is teaching me. The other day my wife Peggy and I, were at the supermarket. A friend from back in the day, shouted out my name across the produce section and I looked up to see if the Lord was calling me! It was actually an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 20 years! This buddy of mine used to get in trouble a lot and I remember how we used to sit on the tail gate of my truck, talking about life and our future plans. It was insane to see how much time has flown on by, for the both of us! Bobby was introduced to my Marla, my wife and he was blown away that I was lead into ministry! I found out that Bobby had become quite the entrepreneur and has part ownership in a tree service in Plano! I was so happy to hear, how far Bobby had come!

Bobby grew up in a harsh family environment. His daddy was an alcoholic and his momma wasn’t much of a nurturer to Bobby as a little kid. He would tell me how he couldn’t wait to leave his parents after graduation because he was tired of all the drama and fighting that went on inside that home. I always knew, that Bobby was a bright fella and that as soon as he got away from the negativity in his life, that he was going to be alright. I myself, was not exactly an angel nor was I a christian at the time but you can tell when someone has a bright future! I heard Bobby out that night over a couple of beers and whole heartily told him that he just needs to separate completely from the negativity in his life and see how much more he grows. I also told him he should hang out with a better crowd then the one he was running with at the time because I figured he could do a lot better. I wasn’t much for advice back then but that was a heart felt gesture on my part.
That was the last night that I saw Bobby and here we were 20 years later! We gave each other a big bear hug and I could just tell that he was truly a happy man. We talked about what we been up to and how we both became christians. Bobby was so excited that I became a pastor and he said that he had been praying for me a lot after he became a christian. He said his prayer was answered and then some. He also mentioned how the last time we talked, help to really encourage him to live a better life and eventually find Jesus.
After are meeting, the Holy Spirit really spoke to me and helped me see that even where you are, God can still use you! I was definitely not in a position to encourage and give advice to my friend but God still used me. He can still use you too! Always remember just right where you are! He can use you!