There are some things that you hear about from time to time, that restore your faith in humanity. It’s not unusual for companies to donate money and time to the community in which they operate, sometimes even large sums of money. However noble it may be, it’s also a well-established fact that these same companies make even larger sums of money off the communities who benefit from their generosity. The same cannot be said about the assistance that Fort Worth Electrician Pros gave to Grace United Methodist Church following a near miss that occurred in their kitchen recently.

Grace United is well known in the local community for its generosity to the poor. The locals know that they can turn to the church in their times of need, often receiving food to help carry them over until their next paycheck. This food is donated by generous members of the church, who are not above donating their own time to deliver the food to hungry families.

The church was hosts frequent potlucks for its membership, which also serves as a can drive. One of the parishioners was heating up some chili on the stove, when she picked up on an odd burning smell. Thinking quickly she shut off the stove and got the electricity to the kitchen shut off before a serious fire could break out.

The electricians at, rushed to the aid of the church. When the repairs were complete, their technician approached with an outstretched hand. Imagine the shock when instead of receiving a bill, all the minister was given was a handshake. The Electrician Pros had provided complimentary services to the church, and had even donated that replacement parts that they used they used to repair the damaged wiring.